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The content here is only necessary psychologically: I like a blog on a site, and I like, maybe need, a platform to publish why I think Laurie Metcalf is important. I should write more than once a year, but this seems to be a real by me/for me situation.

A few of my favorite things of 2017

David Michael McFarlane

That was a hellscape of a year, huh?

By God's grace we're still here, Marilynne Robinson likes to say, but I'd add a lot wearier for the effort. It wasn't all bad, I have to remind myself, which I did by compiling some year end lists.

The following favorites weren't necessarily published or released in the calendar year (or millennium), but I either discovered or fell in love with them during the past 12 months of Constitutional crises, so I'm calling them 2017 favorites.

Favorite films*

  1. Lady Bird

  2. Dunkirk

  3. Phantom Thread

  4. Call Me By Your Name

  5. It

  6. BPM

  7. Coco

  8. God’s Own Country

  9. The Square

  10. Get Out

Runners up: Girls TripYour Name, Wonder Woman, and Blade Runner 2049

*OK, I lied. I see a lot of movies. All of these came out in 2017, though I'd bump one out to add Krisha if I didn't constrain myself by release dates for this category.

Favorite books

  1. Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin

  2. The Story of a New Name, Elena Ferrante

  3. What Light Can Do, Robert Hass

  4. Close Range, Annie Proulx

  5. Selected Poems, Czesław Miłosz

  6. Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, Elena Ferrante

  7. Anything Is Possible, Elizabeth Strout

  8. The Story of the Lost Child, Elena Ferrante

  9. An Odysessy, Daniel Mendelson

  10. Lincoln in the Bardo, George Saunders

I try to read a book a week every year and came pretty close: 48, which I'll excuse for having to move four times. Anyway, wow. Have y'all heard of Elena Ferrante? G-d damn the Neopolitan series knocked me out. She replaced Knausgaard's spot as my *current* favorite author, who in turned had bumped out Marilynne Robinson in 2016. Marilynne might be back when I read What Are We Doing Here? and finish my annual consumption of Housekeeping.

Favorite albums

  1. Ctrl, SZA

  2. Mental Illness, Aimee Mann

  3. Martha Wainwright, Martha Wainwright

  4. The Dreaming, Kate Bush

  5. No Shape, Perfume Genius

  6. Now, Shania Twain

  7. The Valley, Betty Who

  8. She's So Unusual, Cyndi Lauper

  9. Live Through This, Hole

  10. Up Where We Belong, Buffy St. Claire

Do I even read Pitchfork? (I do.) Have I heard a straight white male artist in a year? (At work, unfortunately.) Can I even talk to kids these days? (Unclear.) This list is a lot of oldies, I realize, but I'm behind on things! Courtney Love! Where were you when I was a lost child in Texas? Cyndi too, and Kate Bush, and hell all of them. I'd say this was a year for women for me, but it's always only women and a few queer boys on my Spotify history. Shout out, Janet Jackson too. I just found you and couldn't be happier.

Favorite performances

  1. Reese Witherspoon, Big Little Lies

  2. Local Pittsburgh drag queen, lipsyncing "All I Really Want" by Alanis Morissette

  3. Laurie Metcalf, Lady Bird

  4. Tiffany Haddish, Girls Trip

  5. Daniela Vega, A Fantastic Woman

  6. Glenn Close, Sunset Boulevard the Musical

  7. Timothée Chamalet, Call Me By Your Name

  8. Cate Blanchett, The Present on Broadway

  9. Aimee Mann, singing about loneliness by singing about a cat that looks like a snow cone

  10. John Early, Search Party Season 2

Honorable mention: The moon for bringing about totality in Nashville.

This is a post script following Lady Birdgate at The Academy Awards. That film should've swept, or at least earned Laurie Metcalf one of the 700 awards she deserves. We might've seen this coming after Haddish was overlooked for even a nom, but we as a species continue to hope against hope, don't we? I will also bar-fight anyone who doesn't acknowledge Reese Witherspoon carried every minute of Big Little Lies with her microexpressions, and am now ready to go on record and say that an Alanis drag performance eclipsed the totality eclipse. (I saw both on a road trip.)