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Portfolio Blog

These posts present a snapshot of some of the copywriting and branding work I've done over the past five years.

I like to think I maintain varied interests, and I hope one day my portfolio reflects a few more of them. That said, even when industries and audiences are outside my wheelhouse I love researching and learning to speak to them. Each of these projects has developed me as a writer and marketer.

Long-Form Content: B2C and B2B Strategy

David Michael McFarlane

Early in my career I learned the importance of content strategy, SEO, and UX in every project I took on. Writing can't just be good; it has to anticipate, engage, and meet a need.

Especially recently I've delved into long-form content creation. Each of these projects is different, but they all required the same strategic planning to be effective.


  • Generated practical, compelling content for an innovative urban storage company.
  • Pitched and crafted narratives for B2B project management software.
  • Wrote extensively researched eBooks and long-form blogs for nurses and nursing students.
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Lead Generation: Ameritech College of Healthcare

David Michael McFarlane

Though a newcomer to the field, Ameritech is a leader in nursing education in Utah. As its pass rates and job placement results have grown, the school needed a digital presence and strategy to match its word-of-mouth reputation.

Writing 2-3 blogs/week and managing 20+ ad campaigns, I increased leads while lowering the cost of each, all the while expanding their reputation and building brand awareness.


  • Reduced Cost Per Lead by up to 50%, and increased monthly leads 50-200%.
  • Increased organic web traffic through SEO-rich blogs.
  • Developed Facebook and retargeting campaigns to generate millions of impressions and tens of thousands of clicks among likely prospective students.
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Brand Development: Women's Healthcare Associates

David Michael McFarlane

Women's Healthcare Associates made a name for themselves by providing quality, caring, and efficient healthcare to women throughout the Portland, Oregon area — not through their branding. When I began copywriting for them, WHA had no style guide, decade-old marketing messages, and a dream to sound "something like Mayo Clinic" in their brand voice.

I built their blog and Facebook page from scratch, and in the process developed personas and a tone that brought humor and life to their brand while maintaining a voice of medical authority.


  • Grew their engaged Facebook audience by 7,500+ fans.
  • Wrote and optimized 90 posts to their "Wellness Journal," a blog rich in SEO keywords and medical advice.
  • Launched sweepstakes and contests that celebrated motherhood, womanhood, and good health, reaching hundreds of thousands of women in the area.
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Social Ecommerce: CorkSport

David Michael McFarlane

A leader in Mazda aftermarket parts, CorkSport has a good reputation and a large presence on social networks, but for years they struggled to monetize their audience.

With a team of web developers, I created an ecommerce strategy that supported new product launches to engage fans while increasing CorkSport's sales. Using Adroll retargeting, an array of Facebook ad units, and segmented e-mail newsletters, in six months we increased revenue from Facebook referral traffic by +300% and generated thousands of leads.


  • Sold out of a new $1,099 product within 12 hours of launch.
  • Optimized Facebook ads had a 3.966% Click-through-rate.
  • Segmented monthly e-mails had a 47.2% open-rate.
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Social Campaign Strategy: Paul Frank

David Michael McFarlane

From March 2012 to August 2013 I managed the Paul Frank digital communities on FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and Pinterest — launching the latter two platforms.

From its founding, Paul Frank has aspired to be nothing more than a fun lifestyle brand, so that's the message my community managers and I relayed with every Facebook ad, Pin of the Day, tweet, and pro social campaign. We adjusted the brand voice and messaging from uncomfortably quirky to punny and celebratory in order to cater to wide array of fans from all over the world. I worked alongside Paul Frank's digital marketing manager and head creative director, and after 17 months Facebook fans had grown by almost a million, and engagement rates on every social network skyrocketed.


  • Paul Frank Loves Thailand campaign: With 1 in 100 Bangkok residents already a fan of the Facebook page, I worked with local retailers to host and translate copy for a country-wide sweepstakes that brought in tens of thousands additional Thai fans.
  • Paul Frank Art Attack: We teamed up with Juxtapose Magazine (and in later years, Blick Art Materials) to host a fan art contest and raise money for public school art programs.
  • Paul Frank Role Model: Through Facebook advertising and social promotion, we supported a "role" model search for a new Paul Frank fashion line, accruing almost 1,000 entries.
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SEO Copywriting: First Option Mortgage

David Michael McFarlane

I began writing for First Option Mortgage during a huge expansion of their local branch offices. They had real estate contacts in these new mortgage markets, as well as SEM campaigns, but their website lacked any authority in local search results. I supported their web developer in building an SEO copywriting strategy to reach new customers and generate more leads.

Researching and writing five blogs a week for 18 months, I immersed myself in mortgage news and local real estate trends. My editorial calendars targeted each market as well as general mortgage searches, increasing the authority of First Option's website with optimally competitive keywords.

By the end of our campaign, they ranked on the first results page for at least a few words in every market, and in general.

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