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SEO Copywriting: First Option Mortgage

Portfolio Blog

These posts present a snapshot of some of the copywriting and branding work I've done over the past five years.

I like to think I maintain varied interests, and I hope one day my portfolio reflects a few more of them. That said, even when industries and audiences are outside my wheelhouse I love researching and learning to speak to them. Each of these projects has developed me as a writer and marketer.

SEO Copywriting: First Option Mortgage

David Michael McFarlane

My first foray into marketing was at a baby SEO startup in San Antonio, TX. They hired me to be a content monkey, cranking out 8-10 blog posts a day for clients like a Drupal consulting agency and cheap furniture stores.

It was terrible, but the job (mostly) paid the bills. It also taught me the basics of SEO, how to optimize pages and sneak target keywords into a blog post people might actually want to read.

I've continued implementing those skills into every copywriting project thrown to me — and keeping up with industry changes. SEO is huge. It always will be. I'm mindful to target the right (i.e. appropriately competitive) terms for each client.


From July 2013 to December 2014, I wrote 3-5 blog posts a week for First Option Mortgage — as well as monthly editorial calendars — targeting general mortgage terms and their local markets. I'd never bought a home, so the work was research-intensive, but after 18 months they ranked on the first results page for at least a few keywords in every market, and in general.

Pardon the vile color scheme:


Using a similar strategy, the past few months I've written for Ameritech College, a Utah-based vocational school for nurses, medical assistants, and dental lab technicians. With campuses in Provo and Draper, and an online RN-BSN degree completion program, we face similar SEO-geographical challenges, but loftier goals that all posts would have meaty value for their students.

Spoiler Alert: I'm not a nurse. My two science courses in college were Volcanology and Prehistoric Archeology — both filled to the brim with other humanities majors. Still, I've managed by conducting phone interviews with faculty members, talking with nurses, and reading Institute of Medicine reports.


Currently, and in the past, I've done similar SEO copywriting for a company developing Mazda aftermarket performance parts, local car dealerships, Intel, and an anti-aging center. The scope has varied from tagging optimization to weekly blogs to a full site rewrite.