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Lead Generation: Ameritech College of Healthcare

Portfolio Blog

These posts present a snapshot of some of the copywriting and branding work I've done over the past five years.

I like to think I maintain varied interests, and I hope one day my portfolio reflects a few more of them. That said, even when industries and audiences are outside my wheelhouse I love researching and learning to speak to them. Each of these projects has developed me as a writer and marketer.

Lead Generation: Ameritech College of Healthcare

David Michael McFarlane

Throughout 2015 I created and implemented an editorial and content strategy for the fields of nursing, medical assisting, and dental lab technology. Using long-form blogs, ebooks, and emotionally resonant ad campaigns, I increased leads and the digital reach of Ameritech College of Healthcare.


By the time my engagement began, Ameritech had emerged as a leader in nursing education in Utah, boasting NCLEX pass rates that surpass all private and public competitors. Being a newer institution, however, they needed to expand their traditional marketing to increase brand awareness and lead generation. After developing a social presence for Ameritech and supporting their development of personas for every healthcare program, I created a digital advertising strategy that would accomplish both initiatives. Within months, Cost Per Lead had decreased over 50%, and content-rich blogs began appearing on first page Google results for nationally competitive keywords.


  • Launched a robust Facebook advertising strategy with refreshed ad copy and graphics every month, and highly targeted campaigns for each program.
  • Retargeted previous visitors with Adroll campaigns.
  • Collaborated with graphic designers to create a new stylistic approach.
  • Developed a new blog editorial approach, strengthening local and national SEO results and enriching the content with valuable, relatable information.