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Long-Form Content: B2C and B2B Strategy

Portfolio Blog

These posts present a snapshot of some of the copywriting and branding work I've done over the past five years.

I like to think I maintain varied interests, and I hope one day my portfolio reflects a few more of them. That said, even when industries and audiences are outside my wheelhouse I love researching and learning to speak to them. Each of these projects has developed me as a writer and marketer.

Long-Form Content: B2C and B2B Strategy

David Michael McFarlane

One of the benefits of starting my career at a small, scrappy agency was learning multiple roles at once. Hired to be a writer, I also worked as a content strategist, ad man, and UX novice for every account.

Like bicycle riding those skills stuck with me, so whenever I take on a project in copywriting or account management or brand development, my work benefits from the breadth of experience. It's always relevant but especially when I develop long-form content — which needs to be strategic, well-designed, and with a conversion funnel in mind.

Here's some of the work I've done.

MAKESPACE: Design Profiles

One of my favorite accounts to write for is MakeSpace, a big city business that calls its service "storage in the cloud." Every month I collaborate with their content manager to develop an editorial calendar that engages their audience of design enthusiasts and small space dwellers.

My work varies between guides for enhancing natural light to profiles of the designers and owners of a custom-built loft system. The research and interviews are fun, but I love the storytelling most, crafting unique approaches for each article while implementing SEO and lead generation tactics.

SMARTSHEET: B2B Content Development

On the B2B side, I've worked on small projects for Intel and Sikorsky but longer pieces for Smartsheet, an online project management system. The company benefits from a great reputation and impressive list of prominent clients, but like many B2B companies they know figures don't speak for themselves. They need a narrative and a compelling approach.

Using interviews, white papers, and press releases, I've ghost-written profiles of their CTO and content for construction project managers. Like with any marketing endeavor, each writing project had to anticipate the needs of their market — and actually fulfill them.

AMERITECH: eBooks and long-form blogs

While lead generation is their ultimate goal, Ameritech College of Healthcare also strives to position themselves as leaders in the nursing education industry. To help accomplish that, I expanded their program pages' web copy to tell a captivating story of why someone should become a (nurse/medical assistant/dental lab technician). I also conceived and wrote long-form blogs and eBooks that wouldn't only be the first result on Google searches: They would be the best.

SEO-rich content is a dime-a-dozen, so instead of writing fluff pieces with clever keyword integration I interviewed nursing leaders, delved into the actual content of nursing school courses, and studied reports from The Institute of Medicine. The results are impressive from the back end of Google Analytics, ranking nationally in many terms despite being a local Utah school, but more exciting is fulfilling the actual goal. Their business developer receives regular calls from competitors and partners, asking how they generate such great content.